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voyager 09-11-2021 08:38 PM

Catts - NoID Hybrids - Plus some upcoming miscellaneous ...
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The dark purple was much darker in color, almost black, when bought, but still looks pretty good.
I think there are 5 PBs with inflorescences.
There was 1 more, but a falling frond from the palm broke the sheath and buds off.
It has a very nice fragrance.
There are so many blossoms, it's so strong that it's almost eye watering.

The orangish/brownish one is in its second blooming.
A month or so ago, it bloomed 2 flowers on a different PB.
Doesn't seem to be fragrant.
Very pretty, though.
They both have large flowers.

Got at least 3 more with sheaths and buds started inside getting closer to blooming: White with dark purple tips, light purple (orchid), and yellow.
Plus, Dendrochilums ar beginning to sprout new buds.
One Dendrobium, a Yamamoto hybrid, is in bud for it's 3rd or 4th bloom from different PBs through the last several months.
Plus, the feral Vandas are scattered all over the yard with several in bloom almost constantly.

Got orchids everywhere, but not many all at once.

Ben_in_North_FLA 09-11-2021 09:04 PM

great to see big beautiful floofy catts naturalized...good growing and thank you for posting, it does the soul good to see this...

voyager 10-26-2021 12:13 AM

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OK, The yellow one is taking its time.
Its buds are still small inside its sheath.
But, these 2 have finally bloomed again, NoID Catt hybrids relegated to being yard orchids.


Plus, under miscellaneous, I mounted this back in 2014 after picking it up along with many others from the threatened grower.
It is up high all by itself.
I rarely see it any more unless the color catches my eye.

I couldn't remember its name, but Hulu and Orange were stuck in my mind for it.
A quick search got me to Epi. Hulu Dancer "Paradise Orange".

DeaC 10-26-2021 12:21 PM

I'm glad to be hearing of your blooms and seeing their beauty rather than eruptions and lava possibly threatening your lovely home and grounds. :waving

DirtyCoconuts 10-26-2021 12:43 PM

i do love your posts... thanks!

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