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Kkeel 06-03-2021 09:55 PM

Help with a zygopetalum redvale
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I should start off by saying this orchid is sentimental to me and I would love to save it. I think I made a huge mistake and went too far. I purchased the orchid in spike 4 months ago. It has since bloomed beautifully and theyíve died back. I keep the orchid in an IKEA cabinet with lights/fan. Average temp is between 66-72 degrees with 80+% humidity. I moved the orchid a couple of weeks ago a little farther from the fan and then it appeared to have some mold on the leaf in the very center. I sprayed some neem oil two days ago to kill the mold and fast forward to today I decided to trim the leaf and repot. I got it out of the pot but then the massive growth in the center became unstable and floppy. The roots looked great. I decided to try to separate the smaller newer growth it had bloomed off of to save it in the event the center leaf of the larger growth rotted all the way through the orchid. I cut that smushy leaf off as far down as I could and sprayed diluted hydrogen peroxide. I repotted the large growth with all of the roots in a bigger pot with moss like it was in before. The smaller growth I removed only came away with like 3 short roots. I repotted it in a separate pot and staked both growths so they were more stable. I hope this makes sense. Iím panicking because as I mentioned this orchid is sentimental to me. I donít know if I should just wait and see but looking for any advice in addition to what I did that may help. Iím not experienced with zygos and itís my first one. Thank you..

estaciůn seca 06-04-2021 05:16 AM

Welcome to the Orchid Board!

Don't panic with orchids, and don't fuss with them. It leads to mistakes. They grow slowly, so you shouldn't rip them up over and over, or change things rapidly.

Zygos are not the easiest orchids to grow in most homes. They like cool temperatures year round, even moisture and high humidity. Your conditions in the terrarium are good.

I don't see mold on the leaf. Is there mold that doesn't show in the photo? Do you see mycelial threads? I see a leaf dying. I don't know why the leaf died, but I don't see mold.

Zygos make a new growth, then flower. Then they make another new growth. The old growth will eventually die, but this is usually not for 1-3 years.

The single new growth was too small to separate. It may survive, but it is better to have 3-5 growths per division.

I think the single leaf dying may have been due to an older growth dropping a leaf in new surroundings. The roots look good. I would have slipped the plant out of the pot to look at the roots, then potted the whole thing into a slightly larger pot with a moisture-retentive potting mix. Fine bark works for some people; there are other possibilities. I would not have separated the new growth.

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