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nzadro 03-04-2021 11:06 AM

Aerangis puncata leaf red and dying off
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Hello friends,

I am concerned about my Aerangis punctata. Ever since I got it, it has not been happy. It already arrived unhappy, but since then, nothing makes it happy.

The leaves grow quite small and the rear leaves turn red and die off quickly. I am attached pictures. Is it too much light? Too much fert? I can not see a pest, so I do not believe that is the culprit here. If anyone has some insight please let me know, thank you.

Culture: Grows under LED panel in an enclosure. Misted every morning. KelpMax once a month, small amount of fertilizer with watering once a week. There is some algae on the roots, which I need to clean off.

estación seca 03-04-2021 12:23 PM

You didn't mention temperature. Aerangis need pretty much daily watering during their warm growing season, then they need to dry before the next watering. Some have dry winters but not all, and they're not bone dry. If it's growing season for your plant I think the main problem is not frequent enough watering. I don't know the plant but could the light be too high?

nzadro 03-04-2021 12:28 PM

Thanks ES. I do my best to keep it moist, and I do have nice chunky roots with lovely green tips coming in. So the leaves kind of stump me.

You are right, I neglected that temperature info.
Right now it is a high of 75 and temp drops several degrees at night. I think it'll be warmer once summer arrives. My light gives off quite a bit of heat too.

Roberta 03-04-2021 02:33 PM

My guess is that it needs more humidity and more frequent watering. Here are some culture notes that might help a bit:

estación seca 03-04-2021 03:03 PM

Now that I see the photo in Tommymiami's fact sheet I think yours is getting far too much light.

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