Off topic thread- for whenever you are bored
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Off topic thread- for whenever you are bored
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Old 03-05-2016, 06:06 PM
Helene Helene is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2014
Age: 42
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Off topic thread- for whenever you are bored Female
Default Off topic thread- for whenever you are bored

Yeah, I think we need a thread for bored. Waiting for mail with plants? And bored?
Waiting to buy plants? And bored?
Watching orchids grow? And bored?
Well, that last thing can take some time, they dont grow really fast…

Oh, and you dont even need to stay on topic- you can stray all over the place in this thread😎

Right now I just repotted a bulbo- just because I started thinking about it when reading here. So I did.
And I have been reading here and wishing it was more easy getting plants in my country. Then started thinking I should start a nursery- but then I realized I am just crazy. So I started looking for plants online- a vendor is coming here in september, so I have been drooling on their webpage several times. Cant wait to preorder a lot of orchids and supplies🎉😃

Kids are not home, hubby is sleeping, me-time is great.

Have repotted all my plants that needed, spring for the plants- indoor and it gets more sun. Outside it is still winter and snow. That means I cant start gardening outside yet.

Well, what are people doing? Watching tv? Working? Relaxing?

Funny thing is that I couldnt grow anything a couple years ago. Not inside and not outside. I just didnt find it interesting. Now it is my favorite hobby, and I love gardening.
Was planning on a gh this year, but decided to wait- and rather buy lots of plants in september. Mostly I wait because I dont want a normal gh, I want one I can use all year- and then I think I need to build one. Its cold here, so I need to plan how to fix all that. And I want it pretty big, and then it get expensive.

So this year I plan on buying more orchids. Lol- as I told my hubby- I need more plants, so I can say I need a gh to fit them all...
Meanwhile I am making parts of my living room a gh- and I shaded half the windows, so its perfect for the plants. My hubby is a patient guy, he knows I always have projects and hobbies. This one he kinda likes- he says the plants are fascinating.

When I get a gh, whenever that is, then I'm gonna get a bulbophyllum phalaenopsis. They are awesome😎 And smelly😜 So dont want one in my living room😂

I dont have any vanda orchids, but I must say they are really cute. Never seen a paphiopedilum in real life until last year- and must say those are interesting as well.
Lol, all orchids are interesting when you see them irl.

Man, this forum doesnt help with my addiction. And I dont even have that many orchids. Less than 30 (and some flasklings). Planning on buying 20 something in september (mostly young plants, I dont mind waiting).

The flowers are bonus for me. I like the plants and the roots. The plants are fascinating, and they are special- all in its own way. They are easy, but at the same time hard to understand- kinda like people. If you just treat them the way they like, and not the way you think they like its pretty much happy plants. Like people.
I like people. I find them fascinating.
For me its like analyzing- I see the signs plants send, and do pretty much the same with people. Lol- its easier doing that with a plant irl, and not in pictures here- and same goes for humans, easier irl than in writing.

There are many people in this forum I find really interesting, many different personalities here, but all have something to contribute with. We are different, and it seems like a forum where that is okay. I like that. Room for everyone.

I like to write (lol- who would have guessed that😆??), but mostly in my own language. In english its harder if I want to write about difficult/complex stuff, cause I dont always know the words.

Well, whenever you are bored, angry, happy, sad, something- and want to write something: welcome😂👍🏻

Annoying pets? Annoying kids? Annoying hubby? A dream for this year? A plant you love? Whatever you wanna say, its okay. Then I can entertain myself reading😎
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Old 03-06-2016, 04:25 PM
Helene Helene is offline
Senior Member

Join Date: Aug 2014
Age: 42
Posts: 453
Off topic thread- for whenever you are bored Female

Sometimes my mind just wanders off, usually it ends with me doing some reading. Sometimes I find my mind being totally off (and then I learn something), and sometimes I find it okay to search some more (and then I learn something). Win win, either way. Doesnt have to be about flowers, I just like reading.

Tonight I have been thinking about the repotted bulbo- and how small wrinkle came in the last weeks- after first filling up after neglecting. I wasnt sure if it was because it was too wet- telling me enough is enough, the roots cant take it anymore. Or because the new growth started to grow more rapidly- stealing life out of the old bulbs. That made me think if it is because it gets that way when its old, or because the new bulb was outside the mix and mostly has to get nutrition and water via the old bulb. Anyway- the mix seemes a bit too wet when repotting, the new one "feels" more okay. And actually the humidity is a bit higher aswell, even though its not as wet as the old.

And I have been thinking about small seedling. Why they prefer to grow together. Its not like they have feelings, like cats and dogs and other things. So- is it because we maintain a better watering/fertilizing thing- because its easier for many to maintain. Or if it is because they have some things going on by themselves- easier with co2/o2 or root making an environmental thing. It has to be a reason, not like they miss siblings with feelings, but has to be something processing this thing.

And yeah, the thread about seeds on mother plants made me think. And then how they make media. The thing is to provide nutrition, the problem is nutrition also feed bad things/fungus- and then need to be sterile. It should be possible to do a germination in a small gh, using a piece of a tree, maybe some mother plant along. Anyway- the thing is the seed has to survive the bad fungus, hence not a very big germination % I would assume😜 But it should be interesting helping with some nutrition that aims to grow strong roots, making a healthy environment- but sweet. Bio, maybe. Or coconut, unless fungus likes it too much. Its all about finding the spot were science and art meets. To experiment is fun, even though it doesnt succeed, it is a success, if you learnt something.

Lol, if I dont read, and feed my brain with answers and funny thing to learn- I go mad. Indeed I do. I like when I have time to let my mind wander about stuff, and then search for answers.

Not really bored tonight, been a nice weekend☺️
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Old 03-06-2016, 04:40 PM
estación seca's Avatar
estación seca estación seca is offline
Senior Member
Off topic thread- for whenever you are bored

Join Date: Jun 2015
Zone: 9b
Location: Phoenix AZ - Lower Sonoran Desert
Posts: 13,840
Off topic thread- for whenever you are bored Male

Cactus seedlings also do very much better when seeds are planted closely, and the seedlings allowed to remain crowded for a year or more before transplanting from the seedling container. People who meticulously plant their seeds on centimeter grids get weak seedlings.
May the bridges I've burned light my way.

Weather forecast for my neighborhood
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Old 03-07-2016, 03:09 AM
Trollsvans Trollsvans is offline
Senior Member

Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: Linköping, Sweden.
Posts: 138
Off topic thread- for whenever you are bored Male

Bored? If you want to try bored, try bending your head around the ECE R44.03 (EU regulations on car kiddy seats and carry-cots).
I'm currently dissecting the 140 pages of filibusterous poppyc*ck in search of all relevant tolerances and estimations of measurement uncertainty to enter into our calibration logs.

I too have all my plants repotted (except for a Schoenorchis which is kept bare due to root rot) and I'm just waiting as fast as I can for stuff to grow.
At least I can make room for and plan this year's newcomers, plus two new tanks.

I'm waiting for the ice to break so I can go fishing. Except for three days of good hauls, last year was a bloody catastrophe on that part, and a third of this year is gone already and I haven't wet neither fly nor tail so far.

I'm also waiting for clear skies so I can go stargazing. And waiting for a decent telescope to be available at a decent cost, so I can gaze deeper into the skies.

A whole lot of waiting, it seems.
Better get back to that pesky measurement uncertainty.
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Old 03-07-2016, 03:56 AM
Helene Helene is offline
Senior Member

Join Date: Aug 2014
Age: 42
Posts: 453
Off topic thread- for whenever you are bored Female

Lol, EU regulations are not my cup of tea. Well, unless I find something interesting- car kiddy seats- nah, think you can have that one for yourself😎

Norway is a pretty good place for fishing, last years wasnt all that, the rain came too late. Lol, imaging that in a country with lots of rain. Maybe pretty much the same in your country😜☺️

Ooh- telescope, doesnt have one, expensive… But it remainds me that a friend invited me to gaze at the stars and the moon and even other planet, so I might have to take him up on that offer😃

Yeah, and I agree, Estación- nature doesnt have centimeter grids😎😉 But it does have its reason for most things, once you understand the backlying mechanism, its easier to re-create a proper environment☺️
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Old 03-27-2016, 10:37 AM
Helene Helene is offline
Senior Member

Join Date: Aug 2014
Age: 42
Posts: 453
Off topic thread- for whenever you are bored Female

Sometimes when I see a leaf that's not happy, or bulbs shriveling I think they are better of left alone. Pampered to death.
Lol, not that I've killed that many- they seem to be forgiving.

Maybe it is the fact that when we care to much, we pay attention to every small detail. The poor plants doesnt get a chance to be a plant before we barge in "rescuing" it- giving it all kinds of treatment.
Maybe a good thing I only have water and a few other things available? I ask myself that, and I figure I have to just try give them the best environment and some nutrition and stuff- easier keeping them happy, than rescuing them. Besides- they dont get sick that often if they are happy.

Keep them healthy and strong. It does require some substitue for nutrition and stuff when not growing in the wild. But most of all it requires some knowledge.
I have to know what the plant needs, I have to know how my growing environment is. And then I need to know how to make that work. And I need to know what's most important. Humidity, or media, or light. Some of these things are more important than others.
Sometimes you cant give it all, but maybe enough for it to be happy. Sometimes they are really happy- and you are rewarded with new flowers (or for me: growth, I like that even more than flowers).
They are rewarding me now. New spikes. Lets see how happy they are. They are gonna show me- soon enough.

Those who are not as happy, I try to see how they look. Try to remember what I've read, and fix the thing its not happy about.

After a while it gets easy (or easier atleast) to spot whats wrong. You can fix it early, and then you dont need much chemicals.
Lol, I had to learn, cause I dont have much available to fix it if it goes bad.

Well. I like that. They are funny little plants. Like spoiled brats. But they are wild and pretty hardy at the same time.

Gotta love that.

Easter, time to relax.

2013 got it as a gift, one of those blue ones

2014 of course it was not blue for long. Notice I didnt take pics of the flowers, almost done blooming😜

2015 I had atleast watered it more and been nicer

A little TLC and it was really rewarding. I did notice the flowers- they was hard not to notice.

Decided to repot

It didnt feel right, decided to repot again. Made more holes in the pot. 18cm/ 7" plastic pot with melted holes. Bark and leca. Started to grow again. Happy.

Finally, it felt more right, the weight felt more correct. More air. I was happy.
And so is she😎

Indeed. I wonder how this one will shine with all this TLC😊 Strong and healthy plant this year, think it will be rewarding.

The question I ask- stake or no stake… I have to turn it every day to make them grow even. But I like them a bit wild aswell. Not sure what to do.

I like the app aswell. I am testing a new one. Not in appstore yet.
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Old 03-28-2016, 12:28 AM
PhoenixNakia PhoenixNakia is offline

Join Date: Mar 2016
Zone: 7b
Location: Haskell, Texas
Age: 66
Posts: 52

Oh Wow! Your orchids are very happy with what you have done or changed for them. It is very easy to see how much by their gorgeous blooms & healthy growth.
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