Have you EVER seen orchid list like this???
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Have you EVER seen orchid list like this???
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Old 01-05-2014, 09:10 PM
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Have you EVER seen orchid list like this??? Male
Default Have you EVER seen orchid list like this???

Ok, so recently I did join FB orchid group, orchid growers in my old country, Czech Republic and Slovakia. When I grew up in Czech, and even worked in the large nursery with greenhouses, the only available orchids were usual Phalaenopsis, Cymbidiums, Oncidiums, some Phrags and Phags. That was pretty much IT, no special orchids, no minis, just nothing. I knew lot of people in old country loves orchids, but I am just beyond shock from what has changed in the past cca 15 years. I had so much fun talking to all the new orchid friends, and share. By browsing many for me new website in there, I am actually in disbelieve what selection and "cheap" pricing they do have available, I thought that the USA is kind of BIG in orchid hobby and availability here is better than elsewhere, especially in tiny country counting some 10mil people.
Now, the main point, one of my new orchid friends, that is growing ONLY as a hobby for 7 years, shared her orchid list with me, and with her permission I just had to post it here. I have never seen anything like this. Once more she is orchid grower only for 7 years, she has regular day job, and she has garden and greenhouse! She has over 700 ORCHIDS!!! This is so so so awesome, my country got to the orchid hobby in big way! So, here I do share her orchid list:-))))))

Acacallis cyanea

Acineta beyrodtana

Aerangis punctata

Aerangis articulata

Aerangis citrata

Aerangis ellisii

Aerangis kirkii

Aerangis mystacidii

Aerangis rhodosticta

Aerangis somalensis

Aerangis stylosa

Aerangis verdickii

Aerides krabiense

Anacheilium sceptrum

Angraecum calceolus

Angraecum leonis

Angraecum sesquipedle

Barbosella cogniauxeana

Bifrenaria harrisoniae

Bifrenaria wittigii

Bollea ecuadorana

Bollea violacea

Brassavola cucullata

Brassavola flageralis x Cattleya Bactia

Brassavola lineata

Brassavola nodosa

Brassavola perrinii x Cattleya mossiae

Brassia Ibrido

Brassia jipijapensis

Brassidium Shooting Star ´Black Gold´

Broughtonia domingensis

Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann ´Bucklebery´

Bubophyllum frostii

Bulbophyllum claptonense x Bulb sumetranum

Bulbophyllum lasiochilum

Bulbophyllum leopardinum

Bulbophyllum lobbii

Bulbophyllum Louis Sanders

Bulbophyllum macranthum

Bulbophyllum ornatissimum x Bulb. Careyanum

Bulbophyllum pecten-veneris

Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis

Bulbophyllum picturatum

Bulbophyllum rothschildianum

Bulbophyllum taiwanense

Bulbophylum carunculatum


Catasetum pileatum 'Oro Verde'

Catasetum saccatum

Cattleya aclandiae

Cattleya Bactia

Cattleya Brabantiae (C.aclandiae x C. loddigesii)

Cattleya dowiana

Cattleya dowiana aurea

Cattleya forbesii

Cattleya forbesii v. aurea

Cattleya Green Emerald

Cattleya guttata var leopoldii

Cattleya intermedia var. Orlata ´Rio´

Cattleya intermedia amethystina x L. pumila ´Black Diamond

Cattleya intermedia coerulia

Cattleya intermedia var aquinii 'coerulea'

Cattleya kerrii

Cattleya leopoldii tipo x self

Cattleya loddigesii

Cattleya lueddemanniana var. coerulea x sib ('Ching Hua' x '99')

Cattleya nobilior tipo

Cattleya quadricolor

Cattleya schilleriana

Cattleya schofieldiana

Cattleya skinneri var. Oculata

Cattleya velutina x Rh. digbyana

Cattleya violacea

Cattleya walkeriana (tipo x alba)

Cattleya walkeriana var. tipo ("Luiz Castro" x "Miss Divinopolis")

Cattleya žlutá - hybrid

Cattleyopsis lindeni

Caularthrom bicornutum

Ceratochilus biglandulosus

Ceratostylis rubra (retisquama)

Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann ´Jean´

Cirhopetalum medusae

Coelegyne speciosa lososová

coelogyne assamica

Coelogyne barbata

Coelogyne calcicola

Coelogyne celebensis

Coelogyne cristata

Coelogyne cumingii

Coelogyne cuprea

Coelogyne eberhardtii

Coelogyne elegans

Coelogyne erikaense

Coelogyne fimbriata

Coelogyne graminifolia

Coelogyne graminifolia

Coelogyne chloroptera

Coelogyne lactea ( huettneriana nebo flaccida)

Coelogyne lawrenceana

Coelogyne martea (Borneo) marthae ?

Coelogyne massangeana (tomentosa)

Coelogyne mooreana

Coelogyne moultonii

Coelogyne nitida

Coelogyne occultata

Coelogyne odoardi

Coelogyne pandurata

Coelogyne parishii

Coelogyne peltastes

Coelogyne pulverula

Coelogyne rochussenii

Coelogyne rumphii

Coelogyne sanderae

Coelogyne sanderiana

Coelogyne septemcostata

Coelogyne schilleriana

Coelogyne sp. Thajsko

Coelogyne sp. Thajsko

Coelogyne speciosa

Coelogyne speciosa

Coelogyne speciosa x miniata

Coelogyne swaniana

Coelogyne trinervis

Coelogyne usitana

Coelogyne velutina

coelogyne weixiensis (taorensis)

Coelogyne xyrekses

Coelogyne zurowetzii

Comparettia macroplectron

Constantia cipoensis

Cuitlauzina pendula

Cycnoches barthiorum 'Pink Dove'

Cycnoches chlorochilon

Cycnoches loddigesii

Cycnoches peruvianum

Cymbidium aloifolium

Cymbidium Showgirl ´Malibu´

Cyrtochilum villenaorum

Cyrtorchis arcuata

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii alba FLASK IN-VITRO

Dendrobium (mohlianum x obtusisepalum) x cuthbertsonii

Dendrobium aberans

Dendrobium aduncum

Dendrobium agathodaemonis

Dendrobium aggregatum

Dendrobium alaticaulinum

Dendrobium alexandrae

Dendrobium amabile

Dendrobium amboinensis

Dendrobium amethystoglossum

Dendrobium anosmum

Dendrobium antenatum

Dendrobium aphanochilum x cuthbertsonii

Dendrobium aphrodite

Dendrobium aphyllum

Dendrobium aphyllum (pierardii)

Dendrobium arcuatum (B)

Dendrobium archipelagense

Dendrobium aurantiroseum

Dendrobium auriculatum

Dendrobium ayubi '1'

Dendrobium Bella Maree (Dawn Maree x bellatulum ´golden lip´)

Dendrobium bellatulum

Dendrobium bellatulum

Dendrobium bracteosum (white x pink)

Dendrobium bracteosum bílé

Dendrobium brassii

Dendrobium brimerianum

Dendrobium brymerianum

Dendrobium bullenianum

Dendrobium bullenianum x brassii

Dendrobium bullenianum x cuthbertsonii

dendrobium canaliculatum

Dendrobium capillipes

Dendrobium capillipes

Dendrobium capituliflorum

Dendrobium capituliflorum

Dendrobium cariniferum

Dendrobium Casiope

Dendrobium ceraula

Dendrobium cinnabarinum

Dendrobium closterium

Dendrobium compressum

Dendrobium convexipes

Dendrobium convolutum

Dendrobium crepidatum

Dendrobium cretaceum (polyanthum)

Dendrobium crocatum

Dendrobium cruentum

Dendrobium cruentum 1

Dendrobium cruentum 2

Dendrobium crumenatum

Dendrobium cruttwellii

Dendrobium cruttwellii pink

Dendrobium crystallium

Dendrobium cucumerinum

Dendrobium cuspidatum

Dendrobium cuthbersonii (red)

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii (orange/yellow x purple/white)

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii (red)

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii ´Like´

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii x laevifolium (= D Aussie's Hi Lo)

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii x sulawesiense

Dendrobium cyanocentrum (blue x white)

Dendrobium cyanocentrum (blue)

Dendrobium cymboglossum

Dendrobium Dawn Maree

Dendrobium dearei

Dendrobium decockii

Dendrobium delacourii

Dendrobium delicatulum

Dendrobium densiflorum

Dendrobium denudans

Dendrobium devonianum

Dendrobium dickasonii

Dendrobium dicheaoides

Dendrobium dixonianum

Dendrobium draconis

Dendrobium elipsophyllum

Dendrobium equitans

Dendrobium eriaeflorum

Dendrobium euryanthum

Dendrobium exile

Dendrobium faciferum

Dendrobium falconeri

Dendrobium farmeri

Dendrobium fimbriatum

Dendrobium findlayanum

Dendrobium fleckeri

Dendrobium Formidable ( Dendrobium formosum x infundibulum)

Dendrobium formosum

Dendrobium formosum x takahashi (J3)

Dendrobium friedericksianum

Dendrobium Frosty Dawn 'Wings of Gold*

Dendrobium fuerstenbergianum

Dendrobium furcatopedicellatum

Dendrobium fytchianum

Dendrobium glomeratum (sulaewesiense)

Dendrobium glomeratum x Den. cuthbertsonii H00799

Dendrobium Golden Aya (Den. aphrodite x Den. Capillipes)

Dendrobium gonzalesii x cuthbertsonii (= D. Misty Magic)

Dendrobium gracilicaule

Dendrobium gratiosissimum

Dendrobium hallieri

Dendrobium harveyanum

Dendrobium hasseltii

Dendrobium hellwigianum

Dendrobium hellwigianum

Dendrobium hellwigianum (blue)

Dendrobium hellwigianum (pink)

Dendrobium hellwigianum pink

Dendrobium hellwigianum x pentapterum

Dendrobium hellwigianum x sulfureum

Dendrobium henryii

Dendrobium heterocarpum

Dendrobium Hibiki (bracteosum x laevifolium)

Dendrobium Hibiki (bracteosum x laevifolium)

Dendrobium Hiroshi

Dendrobium hodgkinsonii

Dendrobium hookerianum

Dendrobium Hsinying Frostymaree Orange

Dendrobium hymenanthum (B)

Dendrobium chameleon

Dendrobium chapaense

Dendrobium christyanum

Dendrobium christyanum

Dendrobium chrysanthum

Dendrobium chrysocrepis

Dendrobium chrysopterum

Dendrobium chrysotoxum

Dendrobium igneoniveum

Dendrobium infudibulum

Dendrobium insigne

Dendrobium insigne

Dendrobium intricatum

Dendrobium jacobsonii

Dendrobium jacobsonii

Dendrobium jaintianum

Dendrobium jenkinsii

Dendrobium jiewhoei

Dendrobium johnsoniae

Dendrobium kanburiense

Dendrobium kauldorumii

Dendrobium khanhoaense

Dendrobium kingianum

dendrobium kingianum

Dendrobium kingianum roezlii

Dendrobium kingianum x D.tetragonum

Dendrobium laevifolium

Dendrobium laevifolium

Dendrobium laevifolium creme

Dendrobium lambii

Dendrobium lamellatum 'tricolor'

Dendrobium lamyaiae

Dendrobium lasianthera

Dendrobium lawesii

Dendrobium lawesii red/yellow bicolor x cuthbertsonii pink/white bicolor (= D. Illusion)

Dendrobium lawesii var. bicolor x sib ('Hsinying' x '#2')

Dendrobium limpidum

Dendrobium linawianum

Dendrobium linguella

Dendrobium lituiflorum

Dendrobium loddigesii

Dendrobium longicornu

Dendrobium lowesii

Dendrobium lowii

Dendrobium lowii

Dendrobium lowii

Dendrobium lowii x spectatissimum

Dendrobium lowii x spectatissimum

Dendrobium lueckelianum

Dendrobium maccarthiae

Dendrobium macrophyllum

Dendrobium malvicolor blue

Dendrobium margaritaceum

Dendrobium masarangense (= theionanthum)

Dendrobium melinanthum x hellwigianum

Dendrobium melinanthum x violaceum

Dendrobium microbulbon

Dendrobium miyakei

Dendrobium mohlianum

Dendrobium moniliforme x unicum (Chinsai)

Dendrobium monoliforme

Dendrobium mortii (Dockrillia)

Dendrobium moschatum

Dendrobium multilineatum

Dendrobium munificum

Dendrobium musciferum

Dendrobium nemorale

Dendrobium Nora Tokunaga x aberrans

Dendrobium normanbyense

Dendrobium officinale (B)

Dendrobium ochraceum

Dendrobium ochraceum x christyanum

Dendrobium ochreatum

Dendrobium okinawense

Dendrobium olivaceum

Dendrobium olygophyllum

Dendrobium Oriental Smile Fantasy AM/AOS

Dendrobium ovipostoriferum

Dendrobium panduriferum

Dendrobium papilio

Dendrobium parishii

Dendrobium parishii

Dendrobium parteninum

Dendrobium parvulum

Dendrobium peguanum

Dendrobium pendulum

Dendrobium pendulum

Dendrobium Peng Seng (tobaense x cruentum)

Dendrobium pentapterum

Dendrobium pentapterum

Dendrobium pentapterum

Dendrobium petiolatum

Dendrobium petiolatum

Dendrobium petiolatum

Dendrobium platycaulon

Dendrobium polysema

Dendrobium polytrichum

Dendrobium prasinum

Dendrobium primulinum

Dendrobium pulchellum

Dendrobium purpureum

Dendrobium purpureum alba

Dendrobium purpureum x Dendrobium bracteosum

Dendrobium purpureum x Dendrobium bracteosum

Dendrobium quadrangulare

Dendrobium ramosum

Dendrobium rhodostictum

Dendrobium rigidum

Dendrobium sanderae

Dendrobium sanderae var. major

Dendrobium sanderae x spectatissimum

Dendrobium scabrilingue

Dendrobium scabrilingue

Dendrobium scoriarum ( guangxiense)

Dendrobium senile

Dendrobium shiraishii

Dendrobium schildhaueri

Dendrobium schrautii

Dendrobium schuetzei

Dendrobium signatum

Dendrobium singkawangense

Dendrobium speciosum

Dendrobium spectabile

Dendrobium spectabile

Dendrobium stellare

Dendrobium stricklandianum

Dendrobium subclausum

Dendrobium subclausum x violaceum (J2)

Dendrobium subuliferum*

Dendrobium sulawesiense

Dendrobium sulawesiense x aurantiroseum

Dendrobium sulawesiense x Dendrobium optusepetalum

Dendrobium sulawesiense x violaceum

Dendrobium sulcatum

Dendrobium sutepense (B)

Dendrobium sutiknoi

Dendrobium suzuki

Dendrobium tangerinum

Dendrobium tannii

Dendrobium tannii (detiolatum)

Dendrobium tetragonum

Dendrobium tetragonum

Dendrobium thyrsiflorum

Dendrobium tobaense

Dendrobium tobaense x draconis

Dendrobium tortile

Dendrobium tortile

Dendrobium tortile

Dendrobium trantuanii

Dendrobium trantuanii

Dendrobium trigonopus

Dendrobium trilamellatum

Dendrobium truncatum

Dendrobium unicum

Dendrobium vandoides

Dendrobium venustum

Dendrobium vexillarius "orange"

Dendrobium victoria regina x cuthbertsonii (maybe tetraploids) (= D. Flower Baby)

Dendrobium Victoria Reginae ( Royal AM x Blue Brothers AM )

Dendrobium victoria-reginae

Dendrobium victoria-reginae

Dendrobium violaceum cyperifolium

Dendrobium violaceum x pentapterum

Dendrobium wanglianglii

Dendrobium wanglianglii

Dendrobium wardianum

Dendrobium williamsianum

Dendrobium williamsianum

Dendrobium williamsonii

Dendrobium woodsii

Dendrobium x delicatum

Dendrobium x usitae 'Red Coral' SM/TOGA x self


Dinema polybulbon

Diplocaulobium arachnoideum

Dipteranthus estradae

Dockrillia causarinae

Dokrillia linguiforme

Dokrillia wassellii

Doritis pulcherrima

Dracula benedictii

Dracula houtteana

Dracula chimaera

Dracula simia

Drimoda siamensis

Encyclia adenocaula

Encyclia advena

Encyclia bractescens

Encyclia brassavolae

Encyclia bulbosa (Anacheilium)

Encyclia citrina

Encyclia citrina x mariae

Encyclia cochleata

Encyclia cordigera

Encyclia cordigera x sib ('Hinomaru' x 'tipo')

Encyclia diota ssp. atrorubens

Encyclia hanburyi

Encyclia mariae

Encyclia microbulbon

Encyclia michuacana

Encyclia oncidioides

Encyclia phoenicea

Encyclia polybulbon

Encyclia pterocarpa (Pollardia)

Encyclia randi

Encyclia seidelii

Encyclia sp Mexiko

Encyclia sp.

Encyclia surinamensis

Encyclia tampensis

Encyclia triangulifera

Encyclia vitellina

Epidendrum Butterball

Epigeneium acuminatum

Epigeneium amplum

Epigeneium cymbidioides

Epigeneium chapaense

Epigeneium lyonii (Dendrobium treacherianum

Eulophia euglossa

Eurychone galeandra

Galeandra bauerii

Gastrochilus bellinus

Gastrochilus japonicus

Gongora citrina

Gongora galeata

Gongora seideliana

Gramatophyllum stapeliiflorum

Grobya amherstiae

Habenaria myriotricha

Haraella retrocalla

Helcia sanguniolenta

Hexisea imbricata

Holcoglossum amesianum

Holcoglossum kimbalianum

Holcogossum kimballianum

Chelonistele sulphurea

Inobulbum munificum

Ionocidium Popcorn harui

Isabelia virginalis

Kingidium delicosa

Laelia (pumila x praestans) 'Ct-Little Red'

Laelia alaorii

Laelia albida ?????

Laelia anceps

Laelia anceps

Laelia automnalis

Laelia bradei

Laelia bradei

Laelia bradei

Laelia briegeri

Laelia briegeri

Laelia briegeri flamea x self

Laelia caulescens var alba x self

Laelia cinnabarina

Laelia colnagoi

Laelia crispata ( Exflava)

Laelia crispilabia

Laelia dayana

Laelia dayana coerulea

Laelia esalqueana

Laelia esalqueana

Laelia fidelensis

Laelia flava

Laelia fournieri

Laelia ghillani " palha " ( crean color)

Laelia ghillani ( flamea x flamea )

Laelia gouldiana

Laelia harpophylla

Laelia harpophylla

Laelia hatae

Laelia itambana

Laelia jongheana

Laelia kautskyana

Laelia ketiana

Laelia lucasiana

Laelia macrobulbosa

Laelia mantiqueirae

Laelia mantiqueirae

Laelia milleri

Laelia milleri

Laelia mirandae

Laelia mixta

Laelia mixta

Laelia nevesiana

Laelia pabstii.( ex.crispilabia )

Laelia pfisteri

Laelia praestans

Laelia pumila

Laelia pumila ( "Bela Vista" X "Black Diamond" )

Laelia purpurata

Laelia regentii

Laelia reginae

Laelia rupestris

Laelia sanguiloba

Laelia sincorana var. coerulea

Laelia speciosa (majale)

Laelia tereticaulis

Laelia tereticaulis

Laelia x britoi (L.mirandae x L.rupestris)

Laelia x hispidula

Laelia x hispidula (L. rupestris x L. angereri )

Lc. White Spark Panda

Lemboglossum cervantesii

Liparis distans

Lophiaris carthagenensis

Lophiaris lanceana

Lophiaris x haematoachila

Lycaste aromatica

Lycaste dowiana

Lycaste macrophylla xanthocheila

Lycaste skinerii

Lycaste skinerii alba

Lycaste x niesseniae

Macodes petola

Macradenia brassavolae

Masdevallia amabilis

Masdevallia andreettana

Masdevallia ayabacana

Masdevallia coccinea

Masdevallia coccinea

Masdevallia decumana

Masdevallia elegans

Masdevallia hirtzii

Masdevallia Margueritte

Masdevallia medinae

Masdevallia picta

Masdevallia racemosa

Masdevallia rodolfoi

Masdevallia striatela

Maxillaria (Camaridium) ochroleucum

Maxillaria sophronitis

Maxillaria tenuifolia

Mediocalcar decoratum

Meiracyllium trinasutum

Microterangis hariotiana

Miltonia clowesii

Miltonia cuneata

Miltonia Guanabara

Miltonia Honolulu 'Warne's Best' HCC/AOS

Miltonia regnellii

Miltonia spectabilis var. moreliana

Mormodes variabilis

Mormolyca ringens

Mystacidium braibonae

Neocogniauxia monophylla

Neofinetia falcata

Neolauchea pulchella

Neomorea wallisii

Nidema boothii

odontoglossum alboroseum

Odontoglossum Annaclaire

Odontoglossum armatum

Odontoglossum aurarium (Oncidium)

Odontoglossum blandum

Odontoglossum cirrhosum

Odontoglossum cirrhosum (bloom in 1 year)

Odontoglossum cordatum

Odontoglossum crinitum

Odontoglossum crispum

Odontoglossum cristatellum

Odontoglossum cristatum

Odontoglossum crocidipterum

Odontoglossum gloriosum

Odontoglossum gloriosum

Odontoglossum hallii

Odontoglossum hallii elegans

Odontoglossum harryanum

Odontoglossum madrense

Odontoglossum nobile

Odontoglossum portmannii

Odontoglossum praestans

Odontoglossum ramossisimum

Odontoglossum sceptrum

Odontoglossum spectatissimum

Odontoglossum tenue

Odontoglossum wyattianum

Oerstedela centradenia

Omoea philippinensis

Oncidium croesus

Oncidium forbesii

Oncidium fuscatum

Oncidium fuscatum alba

Oncidium harrisonianum

Oncidium hastilabium

Oncidium incurvum

Oncidium Jiuhbao Gold ´Tainan´

Oncidium jonesianum

Oncidium kramerianum

Oncidium leucochillum

Oncidium ornithorhynchum

Oncidium pardothyrsus

Oncidium pentadactylon ???

Oncidium phymatochyllum

Oncidium reichenheimii

Oncidium rhodostictum

Oncidium spacelatum

Oncidium tigrinum

Oncidium trilobum

Oncidium Twinkl ´Weston´

Oncidium uniflorum

oncidium urophyllum

Oncidium Wibour Wilma x Onc. Golden Sunset ´Kaunai Beauty´

Oncidium zappii

Ornithocephalus manabina

Ornithophora radicans

Ornithophora radicans

Otoglossum coronarium

Paphinia posadarum

Paphiopedilum Matchless 'Langley' AM/AOS

Paphiopedilum „virens“ č. 127 temperované

Paphiopedilum „virens“ č. 23 teplé

Paphiopedilum aducctum

Paphiopedilum appeltonianum

Paphiopedilum appletonianum var. hainanense

Paphiopedilum armeniacum

Paphiopedilum barbatum v. nigritum

Paphiopedilum bellatulum

Paphiopedilum concolor

Paphiopedilum delenatii

Paphiopedilum Deperle (primulinum x delenatii)

Paphiopedilum dianthum

Paphiopedilum druyi

Paphiopedilum emersonii

Paphiopedilum fairrieanum

paphiopedilum gardinerii var. glanduliferum

Paphiopedilum godefroyae

Paphiopedilum hangianum

Paphiopedilum hangianum x bellatulum

Paphiopedilum Harrisianum

Paphiopedilum helenae

Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum

Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum var. esquirolei

Paphiopedilum hybrid teplomilný (P. delenatii x chamberlainianum)

Paphiopedilum charlesworthii

Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel (rothschildianum x stonei)

Paphiopedilum Leeanum

Paphiopedilum leucochilum "Top Ten"

Paphiopedilum lowi

Paphiopedilum malipoense

Paphiopedilum mastersianum

Paphiopedilum Masupi (Maudiae x sukhakulii)

Paphiopedilum Maudiae Vinicolor ´Schwarz Madonna´

Paphiopedilum micrantum

Paphiopedilum niveum "Full-Moon"

Paphiopedilum Papa Roehl (sukh. x fairr.)

Paphiopedilum parishii

Paphiopedilum philipinense

Paphiopedilum Pinocchio

Paphiopedilum PRIMULUM

Paphiopedilum Prince Edward of York (rothschildianum x sanderianum)

Paphiopedilum sangii

Paphiopedilum spicerianum

Paphiopedilum sukhakulii ´Extra´x self

Paphiopedilum supardii

Paphiopedilum tranlienianum

Paphiopedilum venustum

Paphiopedilum vietnamense

Paphiopedilum villosum x sib ('Nan Shan' BM/TPS x 'Hsinying' SM/TPS)

Paphiopedilum wardii

Paphiopedilum tranlienianum "Hsinying"

Papilionante hookerina

Pelatantheria insectifera

Pescatoria dayana

Pescatoria klabochorum

Phaius tankerville

Phalaenopsis x schilleriano-stuartiana

Phalaenopsis bellina

Phalaenopsis bellina 'Ponkan' x mannii 'Black'

Phalaenopsis equestris rosea

Phalaenopsis lobii var. Vietnamica

Phalaenopsis lueddemaniana boxallii var. ´Quezon´

Phalaenopsis pallens

Phalaenopsis parishii

Phalaenopsis pulchra

Phalaenopsis sanderiana

Phalaenopsis speciosa

Phalaenopsis sumatrana var. zebrina

Phalaenopsis tetraspis C#1 x amabilis

Phalaenopsis tetraspis C1

Pholidota chinensis

Pholidota chinensis

Phrag. Andean Tears (wallisii x kovachii)

Phrag. Eumelia Arias (kovachii x schlimii), strong plants

Phrag. Noirmont 'Porter's Red Hot'

Phragmipedium besseae

Phragmipedium boissierianum

Phragmipedium caricinum x boisserianum

Phragmipedium caudatum warcewitzianum

Phragmipedium kovachii

Phragmipedium schlimii

Plectrelminthus caudatus

Plectrophora triquetra

Pleione aurita

Pleione formosana

Pleione maculata

Pleione Wharfedale 'Pine Warbler'

Pleione yunnanensis

Pleione yunnanensis var. Chiwuana

Pleionie forrestii

Pleurothallis dilemma

Pleurothallis dodsonii

Pleurothallis prolifera

Pleurothallis tribuloides

Pottinara Little Toshie ´Yellow Rose´

Promenaea hyb. ??

Promenaea hyb. ??

Promenaea silvana

Prosrhycholeya Chief Green River

Prosthechea prismatocarpa

Psychopsiella limminghei

Psychopsis papilio

Psychopsis Kalihii

Pteroceras semiteretifolium

Renanthera monachica

Renanthopsis Mildred Jameson (Renanthera monachica x Phalaenopsis stuartiana)

Restrepia ??

Restrepia dayana (muscifera)

Restrepia dodsonii

Restrepia guttulata

Restrepia trichoglossa

Rhyncholaelia digbyana

Rhyncholaelia glauca

Rhynchostele aptera

Rhynchostele cervantesis

Rhynchostele ehrenbergii

Rhynchostele maculata

Rhynchostele maculata

Rhynchostele rossiense ( rossii x Rhynchostele bictoniensis)

Rhynchostele rossii

Rhynchostele uroskinneri

Rhynchostylis retusa

Rodriguezia lanceolata

Rodriguezia satipoana

Rosiglossum splendens

Sarcochilus hartmanii

Sedirea japonica

Schoenorchis fragrans

schoenorchis juncifolia

Slc. Red Doll Mini

Sobralia Mirabilis

Sophronitella violacea

Sophronitis açuensis

Sophronitis alagoensis

Sophronitis brevipedunculata

Sophronitis cernua

Sophronitis cernua 'Bahia' from wild seed

Sophronitis cernua x sib (C.H.'#2' x C.H.'#1')

Sophronitis coccinea

Sophronitis coccinea var. Grandiflora

Sophronitis mantiqueira v. xanthocheila

Sophronitis roseum (wittigiana)

Spathoglottis affinis

Stanhopea florida

Stanhopea jenischiana

Stanhopea jenischiana

Stanhopea nigroviolacea

Stanhopea sp.

Stanhopea wardii

Stelis drosophila

Symphyglossum sanguienum

Thrixspermum saruwatarii

Thunia alba

Tolumnia golden Sunset „Mauna Kea“ HCC/AOS

Tolumnia Jairak Firm

Tolumnia sylvestris

Tolumnia variegata

Trias picta

Trichocentrum ascendens

Trichocentrum carthagenense (Lophiaris)

Trichocentrum lanceanum

Trichocentrum longicalcaratum

Trichocentrum pulchrum

Trichopilia fragans

Trichopilia oicophyllax

Trichopilia turialbae

Tuberolabium quisumbiíngii

Vanda lilacina

Vanda Robert´s Delight (blue)

Dendrobium engae

Psychopsis mariposa 'Green Valley'

Cattleya růžová

Catleya žlutá

Oncidium jonesianum

Sophrocattleya Crystelle Smith N.R.

Phalaenopssi stuartiana var. punctatissima

Dendrobium trinervium

Dendrobium parvulum blau

Amesiella monticola

Bulbophyllum vaginatum (d1,2)

Paphiopedilum micranthum var. eburneum

Macradenia multiflora

Gastroschillus fuscopunctatus

Dendrobium cumulatum

Monnierara Millenium Magic 'WitchCraft' AM/AOS

Dendrobium Lemon Ice

Dendrobium Jairak Splash sunburn

Dendrobium hemimelanoglossum

Odontoglossum cirrhosum (bloom in 1 year)

Masdevallia rodolfoi

Rodriguezia satipoana

Dendrobium brassii

Eurycine galeandra

Oncidium stramineum - volně k navázání

Rhynchostylis coelestis Chinging Hua Blue x Neof. falcata Kokakuden

Dendrobium masarangense

Cattlianthe Angel Land Mesha

Dendrobium prasinum

Dendrobium seranicum

Dendrobium subuliferum

Dendrobium subacaule

Dendrobium datinconnieae

Dendrobium dillonianum x cuthbertsonii (orange)

Dendrobium Hsinying Paradise x cuthbertsonii

Sarcochilus ceciliae

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii (pink/ orange) x (pink / white)

Dendrobium gonzalesii x cuthbertsonii (pink/orange)

Dendrobium Rainbow Dance
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Polarizeme Polarizeme is offline
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Have you EVER seen orchid list like this??? Female

Quite the list!
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Have you EVER seen orchid list like this??? Male

Originally Posted by Polarizeme View Post
Quite the list!
Right Liana:-) It is amazing, and I will for sure go and visit her next time when back home, I must see this greenhouse:-)
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Tabbyblack13 Tabbyblack13 is offline
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Have you EVER seen orchid list like this??? Female

Wow. I think I'm jealous.

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Have you EVER seen orchid list like this??? Male

I started to go through her list and Google the ones new to me, but it is over whelming, I must stop for tday, this will take me some serious time:-) The great thing - SHE HAS SO SO SO many blooming every day, she is posting pics daily:-) dozens:-) It is real paradise!
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sbrofio sbrofio is offline
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Have you EVER seen orchid list like this??? Male

WOW!!! I'd like to know her via FB to enjoy these marvelous collection!
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Vanda lover Vanda lover is offline
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Have you EVER seen orchid list like this??? Female

Wow! How does she care for so many orchids? That really is impressive.
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Have you EVER seen orchid list like this??? Male

Originally Posted by sbrofio View Post
WOW!!! I'd like to know her via FB to enjoy these marvelous collection!
sbrofio, she asked me not to put any personal info when posting this list, however the FB group is called: Přátelé orchidejí. The communication is though only in Czech or Slovak, but you can for sure ask to join:-)

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Originally Posted by Vanda lover View Post
Wow! How does she care for so many orchids? That really is impressive.
Vanda lover, I did ask the same question, she said in the summer she hangs most outside, and the rain does it's magic, with the sun, so she barely waters them smetimes with the hose, and than the rest of the year her green house is fully automatic with separate departments, she said she really doesn't do much, which I already know is in many cases better result than to be over caring! It works for her, she has gorgeous plants and blooming!
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Have you EVER seen orchid list like this??? Female

Amazing! I envy her. My 50 plants are a lot of work on window sills but if I could have a system like hers I would probably end up with 600.
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Have you EVER seen orchid list like this???

Good heavens! It might have been easier to list what she doesn't have! LOL! Amazing!!!
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