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Subrosa 04-21-2020 08:04 AM


Originally Posted by DirtyCoconuts (Post 917723)
Subrosa. What I said was not an opinion. It is a foundational maxim of political science so I am sure I was not clear

The easiest example is this. In the time of cavemen it was beneficial to work together however it required adherence to an order. The simplest of terms no murder no stealing. If you donít adhere you are killed or exiled. You still have the ABILITY to do those things, you have just given up the RIGHT to do so.

Rights are not innate, they are the agreed upon constructs of a given group.

I am not talking at all about inherent freedom of thought and am not suggesting if it is right or wrong in the moral sense but everyone has ďgiven upĒ many of the rights they would have on their own for the benefits of the society.
These are what law are. They are what we have determined we donít want in our society and so we outlaw that behavior.

The right to kill. The right to steal. I do not have these rights

The flaw in that logic lies your definition of rights, and in the fundamental nature of rights. One tenet is that all people possess the same fundamental rights, whether or not the system they live under respects those rights. Since the primary right is the right to one's own life and each person has that right, there can be no right for one person to take the life of another, except in self defense, which is also a basic human right. Same goes for property.

WaterWitchin 04-21-2020 08:44 AM

{{sigh}} I will point this out once again. The issue is not about talking trash about Orchid Board as an entity. It is not about a clash of opinions on differing care or culture or even off topic subjects such as rights, be those rights inalienable or not.

The reason for your infraction, Brian, was posting opinions that are rude, insulting, a personal attack or purposeless inflammatory posts toward a member or members.

While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters.
With that, I'm closing this thread. You, Brian, have had your poll and your chance to debate the subject. Be here or don't be here Brian. But cease and desist with the inflammatory posts directed toward others.

If Subrosa and DCoconuts want to continue their debate, please either start a new thread or contact me and I'll copy the current debate to a new thread.

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