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rbarata 08-30-2016 03:13 PM

Stanhopea wardii - yellowing pbulb
One of the pbulbs of my stanhopea is yellowing. Is this normal? Or the older bulbs die, even if there's only two of them?
As described in other threads, these bulbs were potted with few roots and the leaf grow under my care.

isurus79 08-30-2016 09:37 PM

Looks fine.

rbarata 08-31-2016 05:59 AM

So, I'm assuming this is normal. The pbulb is not mushy so, probably, the energy used in the new growth is comming from this bulb and not the other (as I was thinking).

rbarata 09-01-2016 06:55 PM

Well, while the pbulb dies, I think this is a good sign...


Take a closer look...;)


rbarata 09-04-2016 06:46 PM

Noticed this one today... a second root growing (under different lights).
My main problem now is watering. The plant is on a south window, no direct sun, but temps have been in the 104 F during the day with a forecast of 110 F for the next days. HR is around 16%.
The issue here is that the temp near the window might be too high but I would like to let it get light.
The alternative is to move it further from the window or put it on the window where the spike was born (north window, with cooler temps and highr HR).

Would like your advise on this.
P.S. - I've been droping some drops of water at night to keep the humidity around the roots. The medium is bark + leca.


isurus79 09-04-2016 10:05 PM

Stop worrying! Leave the plant alone and let it grow!! ;)

rbarata 09-08-2016 08:56 PM


Originally Posted by isurus79 (Post 814518)
Stop worrying! Leave the plant alone and let it grow!! ;)

:) I admit I am worried but, more important, is to consider this worrying as a real interest to understand what's happening with the plant... Remember, this is a new genera to me.

Now, back to the yellowing pbulb...
I noticed the second bulb is also yellowing.The first one is now completely yellow but not mushy, it's hard as if it was alive (maybe it is).

This made me investigate a little further. One thing I've found is that a cause for it can be high light levels. In fact this started to happen when I moved the plant from a north to a south window (bright shade, no direct sun). And the 2nd bulb is yellowing on the side faced to the window. Also, the young aerial roots have red tones in their color. All points, in fact, to high light levels without a proper adaptation.

Now I moved it to the north window again because, together with the strong light temps were also too high to the point of the pot gets hot.

rbarata 09-29-2016 05:33 PM

It seems my theory of yellowing pbulbs due to light was proven wrong, at least in this case... the pbulbs are still yellow.:biggrin:


Now, there's a new pbulb growing at the base of the leaf and yesterday, right when I moved it from a north to a south window, I've noticed new leaves growing.


Stanhopeas need strong bright indirect light but the problem is that in my south window the HR in that room has been around 20~30% which is too low, although I mist it twice a day. And the temps are of 29 C (84 F) which is too high.

By other hand, in my north room I can get HR's of 50% and temps around 24 C (75 F) but it doesn't have the strong light they need.

So, what would you do? Keep it in the north window until the new leaves a grown or will you move it to the south side?

isurus79 09-29-2016 10:24 PM

I would stop moving it! Leave it one place and don't touch it. Wherever it was that it put out a new growth and is actively growing two more growths is exactly where it needs to be.

Most people kill their orchids with too much love!

rbarata 09-30-2016 03:14 PM


Wherever it was that it put out a new growth and is actively growing two more growths is exactly where it needs to be.
That's my oppinion too.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it!;)

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