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camille1585 03-12-2012 07:51 PM

Spring 2012 project- PLANT SUGGESTIONS
Deadline for Suggestionshas passed
First poll is up!! http://www.orchidboard.com/community...ants-only.html

Let's get this project underway! :biggrin: In order to let a maximum number of people join in, and to make sure shipping conditions are good for everyone, I aiming for us to be ready to buy the plants around late april. So patience is necessary! :)

Once again, I also copied a lot from Rosie's great post from last year.

Suggestions should be only from people who are taking part in the project. If you would like to join, SIGN UP HERE

Since a 3 plant project may be too much work for me, for now I think we should keep it down to one intermediate temp growing plant

Plant Criteria:
Species only
$20/€20 max. Canada $25-30 because orchids are more expensive there. (shipping not included)
12"max plant size (can be 16" including spike)
Blooming Size or Near blooming size
Temps: intermediate (buy can vary somewhat. ex: cool to warm growing plants)
Available in the USA and Europe. Canada requirements may be added depending on participants.

We won't use plants already used in previous projects. Please see link here for a list. Projects - What Are They & Previous Project Plants

Info to provide with each suggestion
1. Plant name (and which temperature category it is for)
2. Link to ISOPE (if possible)
3. Link to a USA vendor
4. Link to a European vendor
5. Link to Canadian vendor (if some canadians join)

(Vendor links should be to a blooming size plant within the price range).

Unfortunately if you live outside of US/EU/Canada, from past experience it is very difficult to add your country as an availability requirement and still have a decent amount of suggestions to vote from. :(

Some US vendors (you can use who ever you want just make sure they have good stuff)

Orchids By Hausermann = OBH
Oak Hill Gardens = OH
Andy's Orchids = AO
Carolina Orchids Home Page = CO
Botanica Ltd. - orchids are our specialty = BO
J&L Orchids

European Vendors and Search Engine


Claessen Orchideeen
Großräschener Orchids = GO
Popow Orchids = PP
Orchid Species = OS
Burnham Nursary = BN
Orchid By Peter White = PW
David Stead Orchids = DS
Orchideen Lucke = OL
Schwerter = SO
Elsner Orchideen = EO
Nardotto e Capello Shop = NC
roellke-orchideen = RO
akerne orchids

Canadian Orchid vendors
paramount orchids
clouds orchids
orchids in our tropics (outdated website)
crystal star orchids
Tropical Garden Orchids
ForestView Gardens/ (Paph and Phal species)

If you know of other reputable growers that should be on this list, please let me know!

IOSPE link:

Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia

**********************Suggestions *******************************

****************(normally) Meet all requirements******************

1. Angraecum didieri IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Andy's NBS $20, Oak Hill $15, Hausermann $13, J&L $20, Cal-orchid $15
CAN-- Paramount $28 (limited)
EU-- Popow Orchids, Schwerter, Großräschener, Elsner, Roelke 14.50€

2. Bulbophyllum ambrosia IOSPE PHOTOS
CAN-- cloud's orchids $25, Paramount $28
EU-- Großräschener
USA-- Carolina Orchids $20

3. Prosthechea (Encyclia/ Aulizeum) cochleataIOSPE PHOTOS
CAN-- Paramount $25-30
USA-- Cal-orchids $15 (alba), Carolina orchids $20, SBOE $25
EU-- Großräschener 16€, Lucke 13€

4. Cattleya (Laelia) lundii IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Botanica Ltd $17.50, Andy's ($24 too expensive), SBOE
CAN-- paramount $26
EU-- Orchid Species, Nardotto 12.50€, Schwerter 15€

5. Jumellea comorensis : IOSPE PHOTOS
CAN-- Tropical Gardens Orchids $30, Paramount $30
EU-- orchideerare 18€, Nardotto 14€
USA-- Carter and Holmes $12

6. Rhyncholaelia (Brassavola) glauca IOSPE PHOTOS
CAN-- paramount $26-28
EU-- Schwerter 15€, Hennis 19.50€
USA-- Botanica Ltd $22.50 Andy's $20

7. Sophronitis cernua IOSPE PHOTOS
EU-- Elsner orchids 19€, Akerne 15€
USA-- Carolina Orchids, Botanica Ltd $17.50, J&L $20
CAN-- Cloud's orchids ($15)

8. Aerangis fastuosa
CAN-- Paramount Orchids for $28 (limited quantities) Tropical Gardens $30
EU-- Elsner 13€
USA--Hausermann's $13 Cal-Orchid $20

9. Bulbophyllum lobbii IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- J&L orchids $20,
EU-- Schwerter 18€, Burnham $15
CAN-- Paramount, NBS $26 BS $30
Can be substituted by Bulbo sumatranum, which is a synonynm of a lobbii form.)
Bulbophyllum sumatranum IOSPE PHOTOS (!! Is synonym of Bulbo lobbii, even though they look different)
USA-- J&L NBS $20
CAN-- Paramount $28-30 (limited)
EU-- Schwerter 15€

10. Aspasia lunata IOSPE PHOTOS
EU: Burnham £12, Nardotto 12,50€, Großräschener 18€ and Akerne 10€
US: Oak Hill $15 flowering size
Can: Paramount, $25-28

11. Podangis dactyloceras IOSPE PHOTOS
EU- Orchid Species £13, Claessen, Lucke 8€
CAN- Crystal Star $15
USA- Hausermann $15

12. Maxillaria cucullataIOSPE PHOTOS
CAN- Paramount $28,
USA- Andy’s $18 and $24 (both blooming), Carolina $20,
EU- Burnham (listed as Camaridium cucullatum?) flowering size £15

13. Leptotes bicolor IOSPE PHOTOS
USA--$24.00 at Andy's, cal- orchids $20
EU-- Schwerter 9.95€, Lucke 15€
CAN-- Paramount $26

14. Den. moniliforme IOSPE PHOTOS
CAN-- Cloud's $20
USA-- New World Orchids, SLO gardens $20
EU-- Akerne 15€, Claessen 15€

15. Paphiopedilum purpuratumIOSPE PHOTOS[/QUOTE]
EU-- Elsner 18€
CAN-- FV Garden $30
USA-- Hausermann $15, Carter and Holmes $16

16. Aerangis biloba IOSPE PHOTOS
CAN--Crystal Orchids $7.50 (NBS) $10 (BS), Paramount $30
EU-- Akerne 10€ (NBS) 15€ (BS) Großräschener 15€ Schwerter 13€
USA-- Botanica Ltd NBS $17.50, Hausermann's $15, Cal-orchid NBS $15

17. Paph delenatii IOSPE PHOTOS
EU-- Schwerter 13-15€, Nardotto 20€, Lucke 13€
USA-- Andy's NBS $20, Hausermann's $20, Cal-orchids $15
CAN-- Forest View gardens $25
See post 342 on pg 35 for more growers

18. Bulbophyllum lasiochilum IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- J&L $18
CAN-- Cloud's $20, Paramount $28
EU-- Akerne 10€, Hennis 14.50€, Vacherot 20.50€ ( 1 year to BS), Schwerter 13€, Lucke 13€

19. Den lawesii IOSPE PHOTOS
USA--J&L $20, Clown Alley $12 ( size??), Carolina $20
CAN--Paramount $26-$30, Crystal Star Orchids $20 or $30?, Orchids in our Tropics $30 (outdated website)
EU-- Nardotto 12.50€, Schwerter 13€, La canopée 18€...

20. Phal mannii various color forms IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Oakhill $10 (aurea form), Hausermann's $10
CAN-- Paramount $30
EU-- Schwerter 13€ (standard and 'black'), Nardotto 14€ (black and flava), Lucke 13€

21. Phalaenopsis cernu-cervi IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- carolina $20, Parkside, (red type) but slightly overprice at $22,
CAN-- Paramount $26 (standard and flava)
EU-- Nardotto 19€, schwerter (flava) 20€, Claessen 14€, Lucke NBS 10€

22.Phal parishii IOSPE PHOTOS
CAN-- Paramount $26-28, Cloud's (smaller plant)
EU-- roellke 12,50€ Claessen 15€
US-- Olympic orchids $8 (NBS seedlings) Louisiana Orchid Connection $20 (post 461)

23. Phalaenopsis(Kingidium) decumens(deliciosa) IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Parkside $18
CAN-- Paramount $26
EU-- Lucke 10€, Schwerter (Kingidium deliciosum orange 10€, var hookerianum 18€) Nardotto 15€ (standard and orange)

***********Meet temperature/size requirements, but still need growers***********

Polystachia paniculata IOSPE PHOTOS Given as warm-hot growers, but vendors list it as being fine in intermediate to warm
CAN: Clouds $15 (too small, medium seedling)
USA: Hausermann $20
EU: Schwerter 7,95€, Roelke 17,50€

Aerangis mystacidii IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Botanica Ltd

Amesiella monticola IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Botanica Ltd
EU-- Schwerter 17.95€

Dendrobium striolatum IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Botanica Ltd

Isabelia (Neolauchea) pulchella IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Carolina Orchids $20
EU-- Claessen 19€

Maxillaria variabilis IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Botanica Ltd, J&L $18
EU- Burnham £7-£15, Akerne 10€

Dendrobium toressae. IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Andy's

Laelia lucasiana IOSPE PHOTOS

Dendrobium wassellii IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Botanica Ltd

Dendrobium oligophyllum IOSPE PHOTOS

Microterangis (Chamaengis) hariotiana IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Botanica Ltd

Aerangis hyaloides, IOSPE PHOTOS

Angraecum leonis IOSPE PHOTOS

Maxillaria schunkeana price
Paramount 30,
Andy’s 35,
Burnham (Brasiliorchis Schunkiana) Near flowering £10, Großräschener 17,

Maxillaria marginata price
Hawaiian Botanicals 25 (low yes),
Andy’s 25/28,
Großräschener FS 16
IOSPE PHOTOS (has it cool to cold, but Andy’s says tolerant?)

Maxillaria picta price
Hawaiian Botanicals 17 (sold out, check?),
Andy’s $25.
Burnham young plants £10, Großräschener 18,

Brassavola nodosa IOSPE PHOTOS size OK??
USA-- Hausermann, Oakhill

Cattleya lawrenceanaIOSPE PHOTOS

**************Conflicting temp info between Iospe and Orchidwiz, may or may not be a good candidate********

Dimerandra stenopetala IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- J&L orchids

Barbosella handroi IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- $16/$20 at Andy's

******************Don’t meet requirements (temp, size, price, growers...)**********************[/B]

Lycaste aromatica IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- SBOE, whiteoakorchids (over price?)
CAN-- Clouds $35 (outdated list)
EU-- Nardotto, Elsner
Up for discussion if we find growers within the price range, and if the size during the growing season is not an issue for people.

Encyclia vitellina (needs cooler temps) IOSPE PHOTOS
EU-- Elsner 16€
CAN-- Paramount $28
USA-- Orchids of Los Osos $15 (blooming size or not?)

Den. chrysotoxum (depends if it needs a winter rest)
CAN-- Paramount $28-$30
USA-- Oak Hill gardens $20.00
EU-- Schwerter for 14.95 EUR and at Orchidégartneriet for 22.20 EUR

Ceratostylis philippinensis IOSPE PHOTOS

Seidenfadenia (Aerides) mitrata,
IOSPE PHOTOS (warm- hot)

Eria bractescens IOSPE PHOTOS (warm- hot)

Dendrobium anceps (warm- hot)

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi (warm)

Laelia reginae (done in previous project)

Barbosella cuculatta IOSPE PHOTOS (cool-cold)

Brachiata andina, IOSPE PHOTOS (cool-cold)

Guarianthe (Cattleya) skinneri (Too big)

Dendrobium miyakei (goldschmidtianum) (gets too large)

laelia perrinii (Too large, Orchidwiz gives 8-22in)

Den. cuthbertsonii (cool grower)

Sophrinitis coccinea (cool grower)

Coelogyne ochracea / Nitada lindley (needs cool dry rest)

Dendrobium aggregatum IOSPE PHOTOS cool dry rest
CAN-- Crystal Orchids $10
EU-- Schwerter 13€, Orchid Species (blooming size?)
USA-- Hausermann's $20

Cirrhaea dependens IOSPE PHOTOS Gets too large, leaves 12-14 inches, with up to 18in spike
USA: Oakhills
CAN: Paramount
EU: Schwerter

Epidendrum stamfordianum IOSPE PHOTOS Can have very long spikes, so too large.
USA: Hauserrmann
CAN: Paramounts
EU: Schwerter

Phalaenopsis bellina IOSPE PHOTOS Warm grower
CAN: Paramount
USA: hausermann & Carolina
EU: Elsner & Schwerter

Laelia liliputana IOSPE PHOTOS

Laelia fournieri

Laelia briegeri

Laelia ghillanyi

Cattleya luteola IOSPE PHOTOS
EU-- Großräschener 27€ (too expensive) need other growers

Helcia sanguinolenta IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Botanica Ltd $20
CAN-- paramount $28

Promenaea xanthina IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- $20 at Andy's
CAN-- Hawaiian Botanicals $25

Dendrobium peguanum IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Hausermann, Andy's
EU-- schwerter

Paph armeniacum IOSPE PHOTOS
USA-- Too expensive
CAN-- Too expensive
EU--Schwerter 18€, Hennis
See post 342 on pg 35 for the growers

Sophronitis acuensis
USA-- Andy's

Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii IOSPE PHOTOS
CAN- Paramount $25 (but limited quantities)
EU-- Akerne 15€ (BS) 10€ (NBS)
USA-- SBOE, but it's starting at $25
botanica ltd, a little bit over our price range, $22.50

Den trantuanii IOSPE PHOTOS
EU- Schwerter, claessen,
CAN- Cloud's but seedling
USA-- Andy's and Carolina orchids, but too expensive

Oncidium ornithorhynchum IOSPE PHOTOS
EU-- schwerter 10 (NBS), claessen 10€
CAN-- Paramount $28
USA-- Orchids of Los Osos (but $25), SBOE, starting $17.50 (need another grower?)

FairyInTheFlowers 03-12-2012 08:51 PM

Hmmmm, I know from the last project that since the costs up here in Canada were higher, we bumped the price a bit. This will probably have no holdings for the US, as the prices are cheaper. Just saying that plants found in the US will likely be a tad higher up here, so that shouldn't stop a suggestion.

camille1585 03-13-2012 05:19 AM

What is a reasonable amount in Canada then? I'll add that. I'll also have to add Canada vendors, so what growers are thre other than Paramount and Orchids in our Tropics?

The Mutant 03-13-2012 08:04 AM

Nu suggestions so far? Oh, bummer. :(

Too bad I can't give any suggestions since I don't know enough about orchids...

camille1585 03-13-2012 08:12 AM

We only just started! ;) I also need to get a list of Canada growers up in the first post.

NatalieS 03-13-2012 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by camille1585 (Post 478593)
We only just started! ;) I also need to get a list of Canada growers up in the first post.

If you want I can look at putting together a list of Canada growers this evening when I get home? I already got a start on it last night but it got very late. I'm getting old and can't handle the late nights anymore. :)

camille1585 03-13-2012 09:13 AM

I think it's better to let the canadians tell us, because we need good growers. I know of 2 that we always use, and they can probably give us more.

orchideya 03-13-2012 09:50 AM

Camille, here you can find a list of canadian orchid vendors:
Canadian Orchid Vendors
Hope it helps.

FairyInTheFlowers 03-13-2012 09:57 AM


Originally Posted by camille1585 (Post 478539)
What is a reasonable amount in Canada then? I'll add that. I'll also have to add Canada vendors, so what growers are thre other than Paramount and Orchids in our Tropics?

It won't be much of a mark up, just to either $25 or $30. It sucks that such a mark up has to happen, but that's how the cookie crumbles. :((

The Mutant 03-13-2012 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by camille1585 (Post 478593)
We only just started! ;) I also need to get a list of Canada growers up in the first post.

Hehe. Whoops, seems I'm a bit too eager, huh? I'll just keep my eyes on this thread and see what you guys decide since I've no experience at all with projects like these, but I'm oh sooo looking forward to it!:blushing:

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