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mofms1 01-15-2020 10:46 AM

FDK After Dark new growth continued
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My FDK After Dark has a new growth and I wasnít sure about re-potting and dividing yet. Also there was a comment that it could possibly be a spike and not a new bulb. Well, Iím pretty sure itís a new bulb b/c of what appear to be roots. Iíd like to repot and divide it by this weekend at the latest. This will be the 10th bulb and on the Sunset Valley Orchids site, it recommends dividing to keep it within 2-5 bulbs. So I could just repot it into 2 pots or I could do maybe 3-4 pots. I have also seen videos where people have done 1 bulb in each pot, which I could also do. Iím not sure which one has the least likelihood of me losing my plant. Iíd appreciate any advice on that. Videos would also be appreciated

Roberta 01-15-2020 04:07 PM

In general, you want to have at least 3 pseudobulbs in a division, more is even better. (This is true of other types of orchid as well) This gives the plants the reserves to grow well - single-bulb division will be weak, and may take several years to get big enough and strong enough to bloom, if they survive at all.

sskmaestro 01-15-2020 04:37 PM


I really recently got one from eBay. It has 6 large (XL sized) pseudo bulbs for one plant. One of the pseudo bulbs started yellowing and I cut it off. Divided the plant into two.

One of the divisions is giving a new bulb and small tiny roots.

DirtyCoconuts 01-15-2020 05:26 PM

if this is the tenth bulb that is growing in then i would recommend dividing it but i would wait for next season since you already have new growth....wait until these roots get nice and long and then resume water/feed and then once the bloom comes and goes, then i would make it two plants of 5 bulbs each.

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