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Ray 04-22-2019 10:52 AM

Any experienced nepenthes growers here?
I have a Nepenthes x ventrata that grew very well for me out on the deck last summer. It wintered in an east-facing greenhouse window, where it got kind of leggy, stopped growing new pitchers, and the existing pitchers all dried out over their top halves.

I am about to repot it and replace it outside, but I'd like to "pretty it up" a bit. What can I do to rehab the plant?

Paul 04-22-2019 10:54 PM

Happen to have a photo?

Not uncommon for neps to quit pitchering over the winter as well as to have the past summer's pitchers die off. With some neps, part of the problem is the lack of humidity indoors (unless in a terr). With others, it is a matter of the decrease in light and temps (assuming one has an intermediate or warm grower .... which you do) experienced during the winter months. As light strengthens and duration increases, and temps get warmer, yours should kick into gear.

Any browned out leaves and pitchers can be removed. As far as the half browned out pitchers go, its your call. They can be removed. On the other hand, as long as they still have liquid in the lower portion, they can still be used. Annoying insects like box elder beetles can be dropped into them. Or, if you have some osmocote type pellets on hand, you can drop one into one of the pitchers.

If your plant has reached its vining stage, then now is the time to buy/make a trellis or tomato cage for it.

Ray 04-23-2019 07:46 AM

Thanks Paul.

I believe I hit all three "wintertime negatives", but I'm not concerned about it rebounding into growth, as it has already begun that during the few days I was able to move it outside. It's going out for the summer today.

Treating it with KelpMax has apparently stimulated offshoots as well, as I have three growth fronts going.

Yeah, I'd guess the original plant is in a "vining stage", but I really don't need for it grow on a trellis. Maybe I will do some pruning.

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