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kg5 04-22-2019 05:22 AM

Does anyone use an image hosting site here?
Am very experienced with posting images that are full size but reduced to a loading size that is less than a thumb nail. The thumb nail image seems to be the norm as a posted image on this forum unless you pay a forum fee. It is a thing that I do to stop the storing loading drain that images can be to a forum.

Am using imgur image hosting site at present but unfortunately the advance editing tools are down because of technical issue. Hopefully it will be fixed soon as it makes a very average image look heap better when you need it.

With imgur if you let your images be used by anyone that wants them it covers the cost of the image hosting site. Fair deal I believe.

Photobucket another image hosting site did the dirty on us and went from being free to $450 per year. Have some very teco threads in a collectibles forum that many people have book marked and it brings a lot of new people to that forum because of that threads quality. Photobucket left heaps of images in that thread remain in place which was very sporting of them.Have lost over 15 years of images because I refuse to pay $450 per year to have access to them.

But imgur is a bit of a moral dilemma as they seem to be pushing porn images which I am totally against and never look at them but understand the temptation that it can be for others.

Does anyone else use an image hosting site? Any opinions about using image hosting sites?

Bulbopedilum 04-22-2019 06:08 AM

I personally use a site called " imgbb.com ", it's pretty good.

Occasionally little advert links are attached at the end, just remove those.

rbarata 04-22-2019 06:21 AM


camille1585 04-23-2019 02:31 AM

There is no free or paid types of photo upload on the forum, as far as I know. The standard way of attaching photos is the small thumbnails.

I also use imgbb.com, but that's more aimed at producing a link to then post here, rather than storing photos.

I used to have Flickr, but when Yahoo sold it, I didn't like that the price was going up by 100% and there was too much uncertainty about the future of Flickr. So instead I've been using Piwigo for the past year. 40/year for unlimited storage. I have the free version (because installed on my own server) and have been really happy with it. Being open source software, it can be extended with various plugins and themes.

Bayard 04-23-2019 02:11 PM

I pay $29 a year for Photobucket ad-free and barely use the bandwidth.

kg5 04-23-2019 03:19 PM


Photobucket has changed dramatically cost wise.

Now to see if I can find my images.

kg5 04-24-2019 02:56 AM

Found my photobucket account and logged in. They still will not talk to me about my images that they are keeping from me. 15 years of my images.

After what they did to all of us. They can be forgiven but you could never trust them again.

Soon as I read that they will not take your images away from you and you can safely store them here. They totally lost me!

smokinjoe1952 06-08-2019 11:14 PM

I use Flickr Pro. $50/year seems reasonable to me.

KonaLady 06-09-2019 12:17 AM

I use Flickr Pro too. I am pretty tech ignorant, but it is easy for me to upload my photos to this board (only website I actually participate in). well worth $50/year to me.

smokinjoe1952 06-09-2019 10:43 AM

I don't know how many of you use Lightroom, but there is a really nice sync feature in Lightroom that supports Flickr. You can create a Flickr collection in Lightroom that automatically uploads the photos to LR, then reloads if you make edits. You can see your entire Flickr content as collections (think albums) in Lightroom.

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Just to clarify, I do all of my Flickr additions, deletions and updates from within Lightroom, and not the Flickr user interface.

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