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DirtyCoconuts 08-24-2020 11:15 AM

i would think no

i am not sure bc the dogs have removed the idea of window growing in my home and i knew the little corner i had was dark.

Dorchid 08-31-2020 04:18 PM

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Ping leaf pulling starting to produce plantlets. I was only expecting one plant but looks like a few are coming in. Canít remember when I started this one but think it was only about 3 weeks ago, tops. Just pulled another leaf today.

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DirtyCoconuts 09-09-2020 02:44 AM

My leaf pulling fried in the sun...I M guessing that is too much light.

That is where the second bog is...first one was taken over by the sarracenia so stickies go in #dos

Can pings not handle full sun or just not the clippings?

Dorchid 09-09-2020 12:30 PM

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Yeah, my guess would be it just cooked in the sun. Iíve only seen them propagated indoors...usually in a zip lock bag or on sphag in a container to maintain humidity...as such, Iím guessing the closer to 100% rh, the better. Hereís a progress pic of my first pulling. 3 plantlets developing.

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Dorchid 10-14-2020 01:00 PM

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Update on sundew and butterwort leaf cuttings/pullings. Looking good, one sundew has really taken off!

Attachment 148203Attachment 148204

Also, as DirtyCoconuts has posted the larges flower spike on the board, I figure Iíd post the smallest. This looks to be some type of moss flower in the sundew pot.

Attachment 148205Attachment 148206Attachment 148207

For a forum dedicated to flowers itís a shame the site canít upload photos with more clarity. 😢

DirtyCoconuts 10-14-2020 03:42 PM

Those moss flowers are awesome. I noticed spikes in the moss mask thought no way?! And then I saw one with the flower. I could not get a pic. Too small and my phone was being a priss. Nice work!

Dorchid 11-21-2020 05:08 PM

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Just potted up the butterwort plantlets from the leaf pullings. Hopefully theyíll take off.
Attachment 148921Attachment 148922

WaterWitchin 11-22-2020 09:07 AM

How fun! After watching you and Coconut growing them, I finally decided to try again. Sort of. My daughter hates fruit flies, and I'm gifting her little carnivorous plants with a light set up for Christmas. I potted them up, and if I can keep them alive for the next month will probably try a couple of my own. :biggrin:

I'd been doing several things wrong in past (using potting soil with fertilizer, using tap water, etc.) Surely if I grow orchids, I can get this rolling now.

Dorchid 11-22-2020 12:08 PM

Awesome! Yeah, youíll get them growing just fine. I can send you some sundew seeds if you like...just harvested a bunch. Havenít tried germinating them yet but the parent species readily self pollinate and produce viable seed.

Dorchid 01-17-2021 08:59 PM

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Need to repot the large sundews but the butterwort are all looking pretty good.

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